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The Seqret City

On Saturday, November 25th and Sunday, November 26th The Seqret City will open its doors.


DLT is back with four different cross-city journeys taking place in various neighbourhoods throughout Toronto. 


Each begins at a cardinal point, moving towards the centre – the axis mundi – where seen and unseen worlds elide.


The one in front of you is an actor or not? God or human? Living or dead? 


The experience lasts six hours and requires you to move both inwardly and outwardly.


The event is free of charge. In order to participate, add your name to the random ballot.

Only 64 names will be drawn.

Selected participants will be assigned randomly to the 4 different journeys. 


The random ballot is open from Thursday, November 2nd to Friday, November 10th.

In order to take part in the ballot write an email to 

And as the doors of The Seqret City open, so the wheel begins to turn. 


Embrace everything. 


“May all your answers be questions.”


Click here to participate in the ballot.

The Seqret City 

Inspired by “The Seqret Book” by David Friend

A live experience by DLT

co-created by Ada Aguilar, Daniele Bartolini, David Friend, Aaron Friend Lettner 

Directed by Daniele Bartolini

Creative Director Aaron Friend Lettner

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