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The Seqret City

On Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th The Seqret City will open its doors again.


DLT is back with the development of four different cross-city journeys, a sequel to our first Seqret City experience, but with entirely new interactions and locations.. 


This second iteration of the show draws inspiration from the Tarot and from The Seqret Book, an immersive virtual novel that tells its stories through an ever-expanding universe of unbound pages.

Each of the four new journeys is informed by one suit of the Tarot’s Minor Arcana, and will take participants on a path of discovery through Toronto’s neighbourhoods. From their different starting points, the journeys move towards a common centre, an axis mundi where experiences meet and imaginations dance.





…which journey will summon you?


Your experience of The Seqret City will last three hours and demand that you move externally and internally. A journey within yourself and with the others around you, through imaginative landscapes and real ones.

The experience is $50. In order to participate, enter your name in the RANDOM BALLOT. 


Only 64 participants will be drawn. 


Selected participants will be assigned by chance to the 4 different journeys.


The random ballot is open from April 30th to May 6th.


Selected participants will receive further instructions about confirming booking and payment.

In order to take part in the ballot write an email to 

As the doors of The Seqret City open again, the wheel resumes its turning.


Embrace everything. 


“May all your answers be questions.”


Click here to participate in the ballot.

The Seqret City 

A live experience by DLT

co-created by Ada Aguilar, Daniele Bartolini, David Friend, Aaron Friend Lettner 

Directed by Daniele Bartolini

Creative Director Aaron Friend Lettner

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